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Anal Teens

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by Anal Teens [ October 01 2012 13:54 ]

There's a new piece of furniture in your bedroom: a stack of magazines, books, and articles that could double as a side-table. It's your fiancée's "wedding porn." And unlike actual porn, this isn't harmless. It's putting ideas in her head. Poisonous ideas. Thoughts about how you, as a groom, should be "behaving." This is where it gets dangerous. As one wedding website puts it: "Sometimes a seating plan is not just a seating plan..."

Consider this your counter-intelligence—and you need it. According to the queen of wedding sites, The Knot, your fiancée will draw conclusions about your future life based on how you behave during the wedding planning period:

"Planning the wedding is a trial run for your
future marriage. The things you battle about now are clues to where you're going to have trouble in the future...."

Remember Shakespeare's Othello? The general has an old advisor, Iago, who amateur porn
he leans on for counsel and support. Othello trusts Iago. He confides in him. There's only one tiny problem: Iago whispers lies into his ear, sows the seeds of doubt, and convinces him that his wife, Desdemona, is boning another soldier. Consumed by jealousy and vengeance, Othello smothers Desdemona with a pillow, murders her, then commits suicide. (Turns out she was innocent. Oops!)

The parallel isn't exactly 100% identical, but your bride is Othello, you're Desdemona, and the wedding porn is Iago. These magazines are whispering in her ear. They're changing her. They're fanning the flames of psychological warfare.

Will they convince her to kill you and then kill herself? Not always. Are they malevolent in a dark, sinister, Iago sort of way? Not intentionally. But they exist and they have power; understanding this whisper will help you understand your bride.

Understand what your bride is you can prepare yourself for what's to come.

What Wedding Porn is Saying About: The Balance of Power
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